03 May fishing report 5-3-16

May is here and there’s lots of news to report!

Carolina Fishing Adventures has a new boat in it’s arsenal! I just brought home a new East Cape Vantage loaded to the hilt, so I can now offer true fly fishing charters. It’s a 19’2″ big water skiff that will draft shallow with the best of them, equipped with dual power poles, a removable small forward casting platform and a 6′ removable casting platform for the extreme sight fisherman. Powered by a Suzuki 150 four stroke, its quiet at idle and runs in the upper 50’s. It’s the best all around inshore boat I’ve been in.

The fishing is still very good with reds being caught on low and high tides and we’ve seen fish on every flood tide trip. The big news right now is Cobia. There have been a few caught in the river and the season is just getting started. Harvest limits have changed drastically this year due to the population decline in years past. The season is catch and release from Edisto to the Savannah river and out to 3 miles for the month of May , which I think is fantastic. It should make a big difference in years to come, because all the spawning females will get a chance to do their thing without ending up in someone’s freezer. I made the decision to catch and release only on Cobia before this passed, we have to protect the species before it’s too late. So if sight fishing is your thing, May is the time to do it!

Shannon OQuinn
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